Our Commitment To Quality

At U Pick Cafe we are committed to providing our customers with high quality foods. Therefore our foods are made fresh using quality ingredients to ensure the best quality.

From The Menu

Beef Lule Kabob

Made by skewering seasoned ground beef, the beef lule kabob is a popular dish mediterranean dish. Try our delicious beef lule kabob today.

Chicken Breast Kabob

Our mouthwatering chicken breast kabobs are out of this world. Seasoned to perfection and grilled on-the-spot, we’re sure you won’t get enough.


Did you know upick cafe caters? We proudly cater private and corporate events.

Family Special 2

4 Skewers of Chicken Kabob
4 Skewers of Beef Lule Kabob
4 Skewers of Chicken Lule Kabob
8 Grilled Tomatos & Peppers
Rice, Salad, Bread
3 Large Appetizers


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